Our story begins when the Co-Founder and now CEO of Ctrax, Juan Hasfura, began his professional as a trained agronomist engineer career working with fruit exporters from northern Chile. Juan oversaw quality processes from the moment the fruit was harvested until it arrived in stores in Chile´s main export market for fruit– the United States. Juan was also exposed to the use of controlled and modified atmosphere environments in the shipping process, helping to develop innovative new technology which could improve the longevity and overall quality of certain types of fruit and vegetables. It was during this period that Juan, together with his wife Alejandra Valdes (a fellow agronomist engineer) began to think more deeply about how technology could impact in the export process. With the help of a team of electrical engineers they began to work on a prototype to track CO² levels in modified atmosphere environments. Paul O´Toole joined Juan and Alejandra bringing his expertise in how to grow a business and transform what was a highly innovative idea into a successful business.